Feedback and Evaluation Services

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions". Change and growth are difficult if you lack adequate perspective on your performance or options. As part of our work with leaders, teams and organizations, Coast Consulting Group offers:

  • Customized, web-based 360 feedback reports complete with one-on-one leadership and team coaching
  • Experienced delivery as certified suppliers of The Leadership Circle Profile and the Leadership Culture Profile - two tools our feedback-savvy clients say are the most powerful feedback tools available 
  • Team effectiveness assessments to compliment team development consulting
  • Development of "Best Practices" competencies in areas such as leadership, teamwork, coaching, change management and feedback reports on those competencies
  • Development of staff performance management systems, tools and training

We have offered these services in organizations such as CREO, Tourism Whistler, TREC's Strategic Leadership Program and Consumers Glass.

David Thomson is a certified practicioner with the Leadership Circle feedback tool for teams and leaders.

"It is generally agreed that in the long term the most effective learners become self-regulating, i.e. They adopt an approach to engaging with learning involving goal setting, strategic choice of methods and sustained monitoring, evaluation and review of progress...It follows logically that feedback is a necessity for all self regulated activity."
Albert Bandura Social Learning Theory

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