Enhancing Leadership

Courage. Vision. Empathy. Credibility. Determination. Adaptability.

Can these leadership qualities be taught? Interestingly, research on this question says. "Yes!"

This insight certainly is supported by the decades of our combined experience in custom designing and delivering leadership development programs to Fortune 500 companies in Europe, South America and across North America, as well as for governments and non-profits.

Regardless of the organization, we see the same essential challenges:

  • Increasing complexity
  • Workforce changes
  • Stress and burnout
  • Change as a constant

Our Focus

It is abundantly clear to us given our combined decades of personal leadership experience, client engagement and academic pursuits (teaching at universities and being students ourselves) that the 'emotional inteligence" of leaders is as important as their startegic smarts - and both are absolutely critical.

Our Approach

Leadership and organization culture are intertwined - which is why we emphasize a customized approach to developing leaders.

We have provided short sessions on the fundamentals of leadership to long-term, multi-country initiatives.

Depending on the need, our work with you may include these steps:

  1. Organizational assessment: culture, goals, challenges
  2. Research: current best practices, outcomes from previous training
  3. Design: integrating experiential activities, case studies, 360 feedback, real-time situation analysis, simulations and other innovative approaches
  4. Testing: piloting and refining
  5. Implementation: a variety of ways of launching a program
  6. Benchmarking: doing before-and-after measurements of performance
  7. Ongoing support and coaching: post-training follow-up and 360 feedback, one-on-one coaching, team-reconnects


"This was the single most powerful transformative experience of my mid/late life careers"
Leadership session participant


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