Strategy and Planning

We have guided strategy processes in many organizations, some in crisis, but mostly healthy and concerned about sustainable success. We have learned to marry our knowledge and experience with the particular needs of a client.

Most strategic planning processes take into account 3 core elements:

1. External Realities and Organizational Impact
What is happening in the world around us that could impact the organization?

What are the implications of those trends and developments? Which are most important?

2. Choosing Our Future
What does this organization need to be - its purpose -and what will success look like in this changing environment - its vision?

3. A Plan to Get There
What initiatives will take us to that successful future? How will we meet the challenges and opportunities facing the organization?

As a leader, you know that successful planning pays particular attention to the process and not just the content of planning. We mirror that need by helping you determine who should be included and when, with a process designed to bring out the best of new ideas and on-the-ground execution.

Managing Strategy

Strategic Management addresses the 4th and critical need in the strategic process:

4. Keeping the Plan Relevant and Alive

This discipline is about evaluating performance, reviewing environmental changes, and initiating corrective action - on a ongoing basis. Thought given to this need often informs our thinking about the process of actually crafting strategy.

How We Work

Coast Consulting Group has supported strategy development and management in many organizations in various sectors. Our approach

  • is actively facilitated with resident expertise - in the room
  • strives to maintain simplicity (without being simplistic)
  • delivers tangible, prioritized directions for the organization
  • builds the team as the strategy is being built

Our strategy clients have included:

  • College of Regsitered Nurses of BC
  • Canadian Avalanche Association
  • Mountain Equipment Coop
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Association of BC Forest Professionals
  • Boreal Leadership Council
  • Certified General Accountants of BC
  • Qualex Canada
  • 2Roam
  • Oceans Blue
  • Warner-Lambert 

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