Team Development

We talk often with leaders who know their teams are performing below their potential.

  • "We're called a team but we really act like just a group of individuals”
  • "The merger was a year ago but people still haven't clicked”
  • "Some in the team are frustrated with others who aren't pulling their weight"
  • "People feel overloaded but I know the pressure isn't going to let up"

They may have a specific ‘prescription’ and need help implementing it, or they simply know what is not working and that something needs to improve.

We design sessions that help people with:

  • communication and feedback skills
  • dealing with conflict and different styles
  • role and goal clarification
  • cohesiveness and respect
  • improved decision making
  • running effective meetings
  • increasing accountability for results

Our sessions are noted for being highly engaging and memorable for the powerful learning methodologies we use, including adventure-based/ experiential learning.

We have developed sessions of 3 hours to 4 days, for 4 people to 1200 people, across Canada and the US, in Europe and South America.

"Went way beyond my expectations. I felt the group worked work more closely together. The facilitator was helpful, enthusiastic, and invigorating. This was productive especially for senior management, we should repeat next year. I am hopeful that the frankness we started at the meeting will continue, as will employee involvement in decision making."
Manager, Conference Board of Canada

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